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About Us

Our Passion. Since 2004, International Franchise Inc. (IFI) has become one of the most significant global players in the frozen treat and food category. We have expanded our brand portfolio and increasing franchise opportunities worldwide. Our focus is truly global with mature growth established in North America, South America and Asia.  While continuing the growth in these markets, we are looking towards aggressive expansion plans in Central America, the Middle East, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Our Vocation. We research, analyze and watch trends to identify high potential brands that align to a franchise model. Our executive team are seasoned professionals, having dedicated their careers to food, beverage and franchising. After overseeing the success of many companies, including our homegrown Yogen Früz® brand, we have the expertise to help you succeed in franchise development opportunities and for those wishing to operate their own business.

Our Specialty. IFI takes on the role as the franchisee’s hands-on partner. We provide the ingredients for success: taste, product, menu innovation, R&D, franchise development, operations, training and marketing. We work closely with our partners to develop a business, based on disciplined brand standards, with the ability to customize for local market needs.

International Franchise Inc. is headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Canada.


Yogen Fruz

Yogen Früz®, a premium frozen yogurt brand, was established by the Serruya brothers in 1986. This is the first brand the Serruya brothers established and expanded as a retail franchise worldwide.



Swensen’s®, the ultimate dessert brand specializing in ice cream, was established in 1948 by Earl Swensen.  Swensen’s® was acquired in 1995 and expanded the franchise internationally.


International Franchise Inc. (IFI) was established in September 2004.


Yogurtys Froyo

Yogurty’s® Froyo®, a proudly Canadian self-serve frozen yogurt concept was established by the Serruya brothers in 2010.



Pinkberry®, the original frozen yogurt retailer that reignited the craze worldwide originated in Los Angeles, California in 2005. Pinkberry® International was acquired by IFI in 2015.  Pinkberry® continues to lead the frozen yogurt category in international expansion.

The Dirty Bird Chicken and Waffles

The Dirty Bird®, a Toronto-based, comfort-food restaurant specializing in chicken and waffles, was established in 2013, and acquired in-part by IFI in 2015.



Kernels®, an infamous popcorn snack brand originated in Canada, in 1983.  Kernels® entered into a joint venture with IFI in 2018 to expand the brand globally.


Gelatys®, a frozen dessert company creating hand-crafted gelato pops was established in Florida in 2016.  Gelatys® entered into a joint venture with IFI in 2018 to expand the brand globally.

Sweet Jesus logo

Sweet Jesus, a Canadian brand specializing in handcrafted chef inspired pimped out soft serve established in 2015, acquired by IFI in 2018.  Sweet Jesus is internationally known as Sweet Salvation®


In 2020, IFI affiliated with FAT Brands, a leading global franchising company that strategically acquires, markets, and develops fast-casual, quick-service, casual dining, and polished casual dining concepts around the world.