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Hurricane® Grill & Wings


A gust of wind from a tropical storm blew open Hurricane® Grill & Wings’ doors in 1995. Overlooking the ocean in Ft. Pierce, FL, this sunny getaway became the Sunshine State’s go to for award-winning wings in 35 fantastic flavors. Then, fans started ravin’ about ’em, and nobody could stop cravin’ ’em. That’s why they’re the signature item on our menu, and why we’re saying Live With Flavor. If you’re not, well, you’re not really living to the fullest.  Somebody’s gotta say it. We’ve been around for quite some time, and the reason we’re unlike any other restaurant is because we lead decidedly flavorful lives. We blow expectations out of the water with our jumbo size wings, gigantic half pound burgers and a bunch of great beers to wash it down.  Escape the storm of everyday life and join our flavor vacation. It’s a place the whole family can enjoy.  All you gotta do is walk in, take a seat, order up, and dive right in.

Number of franchise: over 55 locations in the United States
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