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Ponderosa® & Bonanza® Steakhouse


Maybe you’ve heard of Ponderosa®. Maybe you’ve heard of Bonanza®. Maybe you’ve heard of both. They’re one in the same, and we’ll tell you how we came to be America’s first chain steakhouse.  It all started in the old West with the Cartwright clan. Fictional, true, but their values held through the TV show Bonanza into tangible influence. While most traditional westerns focused the range, Bonanza® focused on the “home” on the range, depicting wholesome family life and caring for their neighbors. It’s these convictions that have carried the Ponderosa® & Bonanza® name into the 21st century, and the same values we treasure at Ponderosa® & Bonanza® Steakhouse.  We’re continuing the Cartwright family tree, but it’s branched out over the years. Ponderosa® & Bonanza® is not just the Cartwright’s anymore. It’s America’s, and we’re America’s kitchen, offering a plethora of family-oriented meals for every kind of family.  Ours is a legacy brand, and we’ve stuck around for a reason. We stubbornly hold to our values, and we’re not budging from the nostalgia of it all.

Number of franchise: over 100 locations in 5 countries
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