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Round Table® Pizza

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The first Round Table® Pizza opened its door in 1959, in Menlo Park, California.  From the beginning, Round Table® was a place with an emphasis on quality, a place where the whole family enjoyed coming, a place where kids could have fun while Mom and Dad kicked back with a beer and waited for their pizza to bake.

Just as it was in the beginning, our dough is still made from scratch and rolled fresh daily. Our vegetables are hand-sliced. As we always have, we still use only high-quality meats and real cheeses in our three-cheese blend of whole-milk mozzarella, smoked provolone, and aged cheddar. And as always, our toppings go all the way to the edge of the crust.

We’ve spent nearly 60 years developing our time-honored systems and our recipes, a combination of the beloved sauce and dough recipes our founder started with, and newer items developed in conjunction with premier food development company. We honor our family-centric brand mission, staying true to our past, while forging ahead into the future as we experiment and innovate with new restaurant technologies from online ordering to more sophisticated POS systems.

Number of franchise: Over 430 locations in 11 countries
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